Discovering a passion and turning it into a venture

2012 was an eventful period for India as we had the first successful test of AGNI-V missile, Mary Kom won a bronze medal for the country at the London Olympics, Rahul Dravid announced his retirement, to name a few. To add to the list was my first significant achievement of buying a house of my own at 22 years of age. Though it looks smaller in comparison to India’s success, for me, this was my first milestone, and that’s where my journey began.

I wanted my home to be a reflection of my personality, and I envisioned the interiors to cater to my style that tells a story. I did exhaustive market research, but there was nothing that made me say the golden words - “Wow! This is it.”

Sharad Anchalia, the Founder of Fourseas Asia Pacific, an interior sourcing company in China, suggested I pay a visit and explore the market. I’m fortunate that he is my brother-in-law and I knew I should act upon his suggestion. He is well versed with the market with over 13 years of experience in this field and told me to dream of any design I want, and he will find it for me. It was unbelievable when he made that statement, but when we visited the market, it was an eye-opener for me as there are infinite options to choose from and one will never be disappointed. I handpicked everything for my house, and every piece was not an item of furniture but a piece of art. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

It was during this trip that I discovered my passion for interior design and a keen eye for finding the right product from the right place. In 2013, after I completed my home project, my experience in China was still stuck with me. My brother-in-law gave a proposal of becoming his partner for India operations. In October 2013, I decided to take the plunge and launch my company, Alchemy Solutions in India.

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I decided to combine my strengths of the educational experience of B.Com from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi, my family business background and my passion for interiors to launch my business. I had the drive to open the gateway of unlimited choices of interior solutions to everyone in the world, and I wanted to give them this through my platform by being their sourcing solutions partner.

My mission was to bridge the gap between the sellers and buyers not just in India but across the globe and to educate and help people to explore the copious amount of options the world has in terms of interior solutions.

From launching Alchemy Solutions in October 2013 to landing my first client in April 2014, it was quite a journey as it was all about extensive marketing and building relationships. The first project was of basic yet specific office chairs. It has a rather interesting story as an architect in Coimbatore was building his own office and wanted white chairs with a golden base for his entire office space. After extensive market research, he still couldn’t find them, and I grabbed the opportunity and promised him to find the exact chairs he envisioned, and I won my first project.

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In May 2015, I got my first big project which was interior solutions for a residential property in Coimbatore. I released that with hard work, determination, passion and a clear vision, there is no stopping you and from then on, there was no looking back.

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There are very few moments in life where you feel that you have finally arrived, and I felt that with my milestone project - Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore. I got the reference through an existing client, and I diligently followed up every single day for three months straight and finally won the project. I always wondered if the tables turned, would I ever give a 25-year-old person such an important project. When I later asked the client, he said it was because of our zeal, knowledge and my dedication to never tell a no for anything they asked. And to date, I would always consider this as my most significant milestone.

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Today, with headquarters in Coimbatore and branch office in Bangalore, I’ve grown my business and have delivered unique interior solutions around the globe covering 5 Countries, 33 Cities, 6 Industries and over 100 Projects. My vision for Alchemy Solutions is to accelerate the business by expanding not just horizontally but also vertically across the globe.

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Alchemy Solutions: Discovering A Passion And Turning Into A Venture

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