Popular Residential Interior Design Styles You Must Know

A client usually has an idea of the design style in mind, but often faces difficulty in deciphering it. This is one of the biggest challenges that the client faces mostly because they aren’t aware of the terms for each style. Here’s a list of popular residential interior design styles that will help bridge this gap and can be a great start for one to learn about the different styles.

1. Contemporary


Contemporary style has emerged in the latter half of the 20th century and this is mostly defined by the colours, lines, space more than things to make it look fresh, warm at the same time sophisticated. The most distinctive part of a contemporary style is the lines - straight, curved, geometric. The line is found in architectural details, windows, walls and more. For the interiors, neutrals, black, and white colours are used. Furniture can be bold yet simple with similar colour tones. Avoid bold colours and fussy prints. Choose Indirect lighting at home and for light fixtures use colour and metallic elements To enhance the place, use large plants with the pot of similar colour tones, use heavily textured fabrics in similar colours for curtains, pillows, or rugs. The idea of contemporary is to work open spaces and not clutter it.

2. Modern

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Contemporary style and modern style are usually confused by most and one style name is used for the other. Here is how modern design is different from the contemporary. The modern residential design style is broadly defined as simplistic, sleek and sophisticated. It entails clean crisp lines in architecture and clutter-free decor. The widely used materials are glass, steel, concrete. To enhance the decor, art pieces like paintings and contract with bright colours are widely used. This style is best suited for smaller residential spaces as this style will make the area look bigger.

3. Minimalistic


Keep it simple and minimal, this statement is taken very seriously in the minimalist residential design style. Take the modern design and further simplify it as less is more. It is known for its sense of functionality and ultra-clean lines. The colours used in this style are predominately white and grey. The concept of minimalistic is not used to make a smaller area look big, but the concept believes in only having functional design elements and furniture so that you can see the abundance of large spaces. This is still not a popular style in India as it is in other countries.

4. Postmodern

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Postmodern is an eclectic style which is completely opposite to the minimalist style. This style is defined by unconventional ideas. There are no rules to this style and emphasis on colourful, decorative art and extravaganza with a playful vibe. The colour tones usually are natural, retro and metallic tones. Experimentation is the key to this style.

5. Traditional

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A Traditional interior design style is more of a European style and reflects the European decor. It is all about classic art, antiques, and pieces with history and making it a timeless style as it is inspired by the 18th and 19th Centuries. The colour palette used is dark, rich and warm tones and also features dark and finished wood. There is a heavy regal influence in the furniture with elaborate and ornate details and fabrics, like velvet, silk and brocade and also has cushioned seats. Accessories are grand with candle holders, vases, and chandeliers, to name a few. Every room is designed around a focal point.

6. Transitional


As the name suggests, the Transitional residential design style is a blend of two styles - traditional and modern. This style is highly preferred as this is a cohesive design. Today, people prefer having traditional designs but at the same time want to add their flair of modern to it. It is usually a clean room incorporating textural elements, staying neutral with the colour palette, limiting accessories and decor and choosing impacted art for rooms. This style is an art in itself as one needs to carefully mix two different styles.

7. Bohemian


In the Bohemian residential design style, there are no rules. This style represents the free-spirited personality and has an urban touch. In style, one can find a blend of throw pillows on the floor, furniture made of fabrics, accessories from around the world, distinctive patterns, a swing made of wool or cloth, and loads of layering. Each Bohemian residential design looks different from the rest, but with the similarities in the elements. It’s unconventional yet beautiful.

8. Indian


The Indian residential design style is a mood in itself. It is far away from minimalistic or contemporary. It is all about a pop of colours (Indian colour palette), patterns on floors, handloom rugs, sculptures, statues and paintings, intricate work on furniture made of wood, traditional religious elements, and more. Even the beds are very different. Brass and copper are prominently seen in the decor elements. The demand for this style had reduced, but in the past couple years the demand has gone up as most of the people wish to be connected with their roots.

A basic understanding of the design style can be a great help to understand the residential design vision. By understanding the personal aesthetics, one can up their interior design game better with clarity and precision. Get in touch with us for sourcing any style of residential design solutions from anywhere in the world.

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