The Benefits Of Global Sourcing

Interior designers and architects, wouldn’t you agree that sourcing the right product from the right destination is crucial. The destination can be from a domestic or international market, but the strategy of procurement plays a vital role in the sourcing process. Every country has its own specialities and one should leverage those specialities along with the right supplier to make any project perfect. We specialise in sourcing mainly from China, Italy, Indonesia and India. Here are a few reasons why one must source from these countries.


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Europe especially Italy is synonymous to art, the art of various forms! Italy has been a trend-setter and a market leader for design in all aspects. Italy houses some of the iconic brands such as Minotti, Poliform, Jannelli & Volpi, Boffi, Gio Ponti and Ettore Sottsass, and even today, the biggest brands and designers can be found only in Italy. Italy is such an inspiration to creators, that some of the finest design originates from here and then the products are crafted after in-depth research on Functionality. It is the hub of futuristic designs, and most of the creation is ergonomic friendly. The one thing Italians will never compromise on is the premium quality, the sophisticated finesse and contemporary craftsmanship. If you’re looking for furniture and lights to add to the sophistication of the place, then Italy is the place to source from especially for metal, glass, and stone finish. The beauty of Italian finish is that, no matter how hard other designers try to replicate it, it is impossible to crack the finish. Apart from Italy, even the other European markets have something unique to offer. Germany is known for the most unique and premium modular kitchens and wardrobe, Spain is known for its luxury outdoor seating. The European designs will set one apart from the rest, as Italy is the King of contemporary furniture and a market with no competition.


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China is the largest ocean of designs. No other country is even close to China when it comes to the plethora of options that China offers. China market caters to different categories such as corporate offices, hospitals, educational establishments, hospitality sector, and residential sector. China is the market leader for corporate offices mainly because of the commercial viability and returns on investment. It also offers, a large variety of furniture and medical equipment for hospitals, furnishing accessories for hotels. The market in China offers edgy and innovative and unlimited options at different price brackets. It doesn’t matter which style you’re looking for, because when in China, you will find all the styles you can think of at affordable pricing under one roof. Back in the days, China used to replicate and modify designs of other countries, but today, Chinese manufacturers compete with the other countries by designing and manufacturing with their own ideas and craftsmanship. Most of them also prefer China for loose furniture for residential projects. It is edgy, unique, and it also caters to the Indian houses and taste. If you’re looking for a pool of design options, customization, and an advantage over pricing, then China is your place to source, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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When you think about Indonesia, you think about their bio-diversity and culture. They are the pioneers of teak and solid wood with the most premium quality and unmatched durability. For luxury resorts and urban houses, sourcing furniture from Indonesia will be a smart choice as the furniture will speak luxury on its own. Another interesting part about their furniture is the intrinsic carvings on the wood. It is done with great finesse. Indonesia is also known for its artefacts and many of them are even displayed in La Boverie Museum in Belgium. One can find different kinds of art and artefacts in this country which are unique, customisable and also handcrafted. No other place will match the earthen feel and modern design in the rustic furniture that this country offers as Indonesia is a wood lovers paradise.



India is known for many things, and one of our known specialities that are known to the world is the handicrafts and solid wood furniture from Rajasthan. Right from basic to luxurious furniture can be found in the state of Rajasthan. One of the most known craftsmanship is the latticework on the wood. There is also the touch of the royal Mughal Era in the works of the furniture. Also, if you wish to custom make some of your fixed furniture by artisans and enjoy an antique finish, then the Indian market is the place to do. Another added advantage to this is that we also have our own manufacturing unit in Rajasthan and we export furniture to the rest of the world.

Also, why just stick to one country for procurement of interiors? We strongly recommend to source different categories from different countries for a single project, depending on your requirement. This may sound overwhelming to a lot of you, and that’s when we (sourcing partners) come into the picture. We can help you source unique and quality products with a cost advantage from the best sellers around the world. Get in touch with us for any of your sourcing requirements for any projects.

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